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Folk Animals: FAQ's

About | FAQ's

How are the paintings created?

The paintings are created with acrylic paint on canvas using various folk art techniques including dry brushes and crackling medium (to created the rough aged effect). The artist uses acrylic paint for several reasons. The main reason being that acrylic dries faster than oil paint and this fits with his current schedule since it allows him to paint faster.

Paintings are created from artist sketches, imagination and his wife's photos which are used for figure studies. The artist's wife Michelle is a full-time Mom and part-time agriculture reporter and freelance photographer within the Lancaster area.

*How did you make the prints that are available on this website?*
These prints were made from either actual scans or photographs of the paintings. They were color corrected using Adobe Photoshop then sent off to a professional digital printer who prints on high quality inkjet printers.

Prints are available on photographic paper which is ideal for putting in pre-made photo frames.

Are the original paintings for sale?
The paintings are currently not for sale simply because the artist is not ready to let go of them. If you are interested in purchasing an original painting or print please let the artist know.

The original paintings are framed by the artist using a painted shadow box framing technique. The sub framing is made of pine and is painted black. This creates the shadow, while lattice molding is used for the outside and hand painted with rough brush strokes. All paintings are put together with brads for easy frame changes in the future.

Inspiration is taken from whatever music is being listened at that time, the surrounding country life of Lancaster, and by viewing other works of art and crafts.

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